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We founded Liberate Physician Centers because we deeply believe Floridians should have legal access to this medicine. We assist Floridians get legal access to medical marijuana through proper certification and protocols. With medical marijuana now legal, we are committed to helping Floridians become compliant with state law.

We treat every patient as an individual – with respect and compassion, focused on your unique situation and needs. The process to becoming legal can be complex. We make it easy, allowing you to focus on your quality-of-life and overall health. Our team includes MMJ experts, board-certified physicians and a highly experienced legal defense firm.

We take the guesswork and risk out of becoming legal in the Jacksonville, FL area. You’ll be aware of all your options and the best way to move forward. We focus on providing the highest standard of care, answering all your questions and keeping you up-to-date as the new medical marijuana program evolves. For medical cannabis, contact us in Orange Park, FL today.

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